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 +====== Making custom udev entries ======
 +<​code>#​ udevadm info -a -p $(udevadm info -q path -n /​dev/​ttyUSB0)| grep ATTRS{serial}
 +    ATTRS{serial}=="​A9KJB1T5"​
 +create a file in /​etc/​udev/​rules.d/​
 +<code udev 99-arduino.rules>​SUBSYSTEMS=="​usb",​ ATTRS{serial}=="​A9KJB1T5"​ , KERNEL=="​ttyUSB?",​ SYMLINK+="​sump", ​ GROUP="​dialout"​
 +Then, reload the rules,
 +<​code>​~#​ udevadm control --reload-rules</​code>​
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