DGPS-11 Beacon Receiver

Si-tex DGPS-11 Beacon Receiver module mounted in a weatherproof housing.

Wire Function
Red+3A fused 10.8 to 31.2VDC
OrangeRS-232C In
WhiteRS-232C Out
Black- Negative
BlueTTL Out
GreenData Ground
BrownShield Ground
How can I tell if my WAAS GPS is giving me a corrected fix?
  Look for a "D" in your Latitude/Longitude readout.

DGPS Beacon Receiver

I found an old design online and I have found suppliers for all of the parts except for one component, the MC145157 PLL Frequency synth. is hard to find. Lansdale Semiconductor now produces the chip and I need to find a supplier. Or buy it off of eBay for $30.

Current Status: Found the MC145157 chip


  • IF Transformers - Abra or Mouser
    • 42IF201
    • 42IF203
  • Chokes - Mouser only so far
    • 43LS103


Other projects found online

Rich Heineck's Homebrew DGPS Receiver

Jim Bixby's DGPS Receiver Project

DGPS Beacon Transmitters

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