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     * https://​www.bios-mods.com/​forum/​archive/​index.php?​thread-21048.html     * https://​www.bios-mods.com/​forum/​archive/​index.php?​thread-21048.html
 ====== Screen ====== ====== Screen ======
-Currently15.6", 16x9, 1366x768+I replaced my WXGA (1366x768) screen with FHD, [[http://​www.panelook.com/​N156HGE-L11_Innolux_15.6_LCM_overview_16512.html|Chi Mei N156HGE-L11]]. My old screen was [[http://​www.panelook.com/​B156XTN02.1_AUO_15.6_LCM_overview_15248.html|B156XTN02.1]].
-^FRU^Description^Resolution^ +I used this as a guide: ​http://​replacethinkpadscreen.blogspot.ca/​2013/​01/​replacing-t530s-screen.html
-|04W3339|LCD 15.6"​HD AG|WXGA (1366x768)| +
-|04W3345|BOE 15.6"​HD AG|WXGA (1366x768)| +
- +
- +
-http://​replacethinkpadscreen.blogspot.ca/​2013/​01/​replacing-t530s-screen.html +
- +
-Current screen: [[http://​www.panelook.com/​B156XTN02.1_AUO_15.6_LCM_overview_15248.html|B156XTN02.1]] +
-Ordered: [[http://​www.panelook.com/​modeldetail.php?​id=16512|Chi Mei N156HGE-L11]]+
 +I also highly recommend watching multiple YouTube videos on mating LVDS connectors.
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