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 ===== APCUPSD crashing, aborted (core dumped) ===== ===== APCUPSD crashing, aborted (core dumped) =====
 I used the following patch to fix apcupsd: I used the following patch to fix apcupsd:
 [[http://​bugs.debian.org/​cgi-bin/​bugreport.cgi?​bug=655741]] [[http://​bugs.debian.org/​cgi-bin/​bugreport.cgi?​bug=655741]]
 ===== =====
 --- a/​src/​drivers/​snmplite/​apc-mib.cpp --- a/​src/​drivers/​snmplite/​apc-mib.cpp
Line 23: Line 24:
           ups->​set_overload();​           ups->​set_overload();​
 ===== =====
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