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 ====== Fluke 45 ====== ====== Fluke 45 ======
 +I repaired a Fluke 45 benchtop multimeter I found in a surplus store.
 +Fortunately the {{:​reference:​fluke45:​fluke45_service_manual.pdf|service manual}} is extremely comprehensive and it turned out to be R5, (a 3.5Kohm, 5W, 1% resistor).
-Perl script to dump calibration data to CSV format +According to the service manual is not a component which affects calibration so I was able to replace it and I now have a wonderful benchtop meter. 
 +<note important>​Unfortunately I am missing a plastic noise shield, MP11, which I would like to replace by 3D printing someday</​note>​ 
 +{{:​reference:​fluke45:​fluke45_internal.jpg?​direct&​400|Inside of the multimeter}} 
 +  * {{:​reference:​fluke45:​fluke45_service_manual.pdf|Service Manual}} 
 +  * {{:​reference:​fluke45:​fluke45_service_manual_addendum.pdf|Service Manual addendum}} 
 +  * {{:​reference:​fluke45:​fluke45_user_manual.pdf|User manual}} 
 +  * {{:​reference:​fluke45:​fluke45_user_manual_addendum.pdf|User manual addendum}} 
 +  * {{:​reference:​fluke45:​fluke45.pdf|Sales brochure}} 
 +  * {{:​reference:​fluke45:​f45caldl-1.0.tgz|f45caldl-1.0.tgz}} - Perl script to dump calibration data to CSV format 
 +  * {{:​reference:​fluke45:​fluke45-1.1.tgz|fluke45-1.1.tgz}} - Perl script for reading meter measurements
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