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     * Replaced Heater core, hoses     * Replaced Heater core, hoses
     * Flushed Coolant     * Flushed Coolant
 +  * Spring 2010
 +    * Replaced Horn
 +====== Horn & fuses ======
 +The **horn relay** location is not in the fuse box under the hood, it is located in an unmarked and unlabeled box to the right of the battery. This is not noted in the owner'​s manual, or the repair manual.
 +The **horn fuse** is labeled "horn & PCM". From what I can tell, it is simply as a failsafe of sorts to disable cruise control if the horn fuse is blown. Simply pressing the horn button does not appear to disengage cruise control.
 ===== Repair Notes ===== ===== Repair Notes =====
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