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 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +I use the monitor cable of the NextStation Mono (DB19 connectors on both ends) to connect the Next with the Soundbox. ​
 +On the Next machine, I have made a "​dongle"​ which passes through all wires (DB19 male/female connectors). The following wires need to be connected with the VGA cable (DB15 connectors): ​
 +VSync: Next pin 8, connect with VGA pin 14 
 +HSync: Next pin 9, connect with VGA pin 13 
 +Video: Next pin 10, connect with the RGB VGA pins 1,2,3 
 +GND: Next pins 13-19, connect with VGA pins 6,7,8 
 +Panasonic 3V 2/3A Lithium battery
 +From [[http://​www.digikey.ca/​|Digikey]]:​ P133-ND
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