MySensor board

After reading about the MySensors project, I decided to design a small circuit board to hold the Arduino and radio module.


  • Nov 25th: I've assembled two working boards. Imgur photos
  • Nov 24th: I received the boards, Yay!!
  • Nov 7th, 2014: I'm waiting on the PCB's from, slow but cheap.
  • Oct 2014: Designed the PCB, Schematic
  • Oct 2014: I have some component libraries available here for the Arduino mini pro and the NRF24L01+ module.


I'm using prebuilt modules for the Arduino mini pro and the NRF24L01+ module. SOT-23 3.3V voltage regulator. 0805 resistors and capacitors (Soldered on a thru-hole capacitor until the 0805 tantalums arrive)


  • 1 x I2C
  • 2 x 1-wire
  • 2 breakout connectors for most of the remaining IO pins
QtyDevicePackagePartseBay search
1ARDUINO_MINI_PRO_5VARDUINO_MINI_PRO_5VIC1New Pro Mini atmega328 5V 16M Replace ATmega128 Arduino Compatible Nano
1NRF24L01NRF24L01IC2NRF24L01+ Module
1MIC5219 3.3VSOT23-5U3MIC5219-3.3
1 MOLEX-1×2JP10.100' crimp connector 2 pos
2 MOLEX-1×3JP2 ,JP30.100' crimp connector 3 pos
3 MOLEX-1×4JP4, JP5, JP60.100' crimp connector 4 pos
44k70805R1, R2, R4, R50805 4.7k
110k0805R60805 10k
1470pf0805C10805 470pf
12.2uF0805C22.2uf 0805 tantalum

Board measures 1.2“ x 1.5”, mounting holes are at 0.925“ x 1.3”

  • Correct the silkscreen for the I2C connector
  • Counterset the breakaway tabs slightly
  • Verify pricing on components before ordering board - 0805 Tantalum caps are pricey
  • Molex connectors slightly too close to arduino board
  • Also, visit the MySensors project for the MySensors library, gateway, and other code.
  • AM2320 - Sensor node for AM2320/AM2321 I2C temperature and humidity module Also reports transmission failure as VAR_2
  • Counter - Testing node, increments a counter once a second as VAR_1, and reports transmission failures as VAR_2
  • EEPROM reader - for debugging purposes, to find the node ID, parent, route, etc…
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