Rideau Canal

Kingston to Frontenac Provincial park.

I thought downstream paddling would be preferred, but the information I found says we should paddle from Kingston up due to the prevailing winds. Guide

I think Frontenac would be best, at the very least, they have the most detailed information on their website and they have Kevlar canoes. We pickup the canoes in Frontenac and drive them down to Kingston. Similar to Saugeen, we drive a car back to Frontenac, or leave a car there if we can get both canoes on one car. Any surplus time, we can spend it in Frontenac provincial park.

The canal seems over further than I expected from reading, getting to an appropriate entry/exit point close to the rental company or finding a new rental company would be a good idea

Kingston to Davis lock is two days of canoeing, 25km a day.

I'm thinking maybe the weekend of the 16th, I have to check and see when my cousin is visiting from Montreal as well.

DayDateTripJeff's work schedule
Tuesday19th day+evening

I'm thinking I drive up to Waterloo Thursday night. I can try and make arrangements to leave early from work or have Thursday evening off. I can easily get time off from my coop without issue, even though I enjoy my coop. I should also be able to get time off from the other place as well.

Basically, if we want to do four day or longer, if we want Thurs to Sunday or Friday to Monday or Tuesday. Depending on you guys, what do you think?

Dale, do you have access to a map (1513) or should I order one?

Route and Waypoints

http://www.rideau-info.com/canal/tales/index.html http://www.rideau-info.com/canal/gps-data.html

  • - Kingston Mills
  • - Newboro
  • 44.703000,-76.295500 - Narrows Lock 35, a lock in the middle of a lake.
  • 44.895917,-76.027167 - Smith Falls Detached lock 31.

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