Haicom HI-406BT

19200bps, 8N1 Serial Data

Blue3Vpk-pk serial data

Referenced to Ground

Haicom website

GPS Receiver Modules

RTCM - DGPS Information

Trimble - OEM Module (Two)

  • Port 1 - TSIP 9600-8O1
  • Port 2 - NMEA 4800-8N1

The ACE II GPS power and data I/O functions are integrated into a single 8-pin header 0787connector, J3. The J3 connector uses 0.150 inch (3.8 mm) pins on 0.0787 inch (2 mm) spacing

Pin #FunctionDescription
1TXD 2Port 2 transmit, CMOS/TTL
2Prime Power5VDC ±5%, 150 mA typical
3TXD 1Port 1 transmit, CMOS/TTL
4Backup Power+3.2VDC to +5.25VDC, 2μA typical
5RXD 1Port 1 receive, CMOS/TTL
61 PPSPulse-Per-Second, CMOS/TTL
7RXD 2Port 2 receive, CMOS/TTL
8GNDGround, Power and Signal

5V @ 200mA, less than 100 mV of ripple noise, peak to peak from 1Hz to 1MHz.

NMEA Reference Sites

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